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Spring 1989, Vol. 29, No. 2

New Challenges to Western Water Law
Charles T. DuMars, Coordinating Editor

Tribute          327
A. Dan Tarlock

Symposium Introduction: New Challenges to State Water Allocation Sovereignty          331
Charles T. DuMars and A. Dan Tarlock

A Survey of the Evolution of Western Water Law in Response to Changing Economic and Public Interest Demands          347
Norman K. Johnson and Charles T. DuMars

Federal Interests in Western Water Resources: Conflict and Accommodation    389
Lawrence MacDonnell

Western Water Rights: The Era of Reallocation    413
Steven J. Shupe, Gary D. Weatherford, and Elizabeth Checchio

Adapting to the Changing Demand for Water Use Through Continued Refinement of the Prior Appropriation Doctrine: An Alternative Approach to Wholesale Reallocation    435
Steven E. Clyde

Transfer of Water Rights          457
George A. Gould

Water Marketing in Big Sky Country: An Interim Assessment    479
John E. Thorson

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Water Markets as They Affect Water Scarcity and Sovereignty Interests in the West          489
Victor Brajer, Al Church, Ronald Cummings, and Phillip Farah

Estimating the Value of Water in Alternative Uses    511
Bonnie G. Colby

To Market or Not to Market: Allocation of Interstate Waters    529
Arthur H. Chan

Equitable Apportionment—Priorities and New Uses    549
Richard A. Simms

Equitable Apportionment After Vermejo: The Demise of a Doctrine    565
George William Sherk

The Public Trust Doctrine in the Water Rights Context    585
Roderick E. Walston

Student Writings
New Direction in Sacred Lands Claims: Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association    593
Nancy Akins

Pushing State Regulatory Commissions Behind the Bright Line: FERC Jurisdiction Prevails in Mississippi Power & Light Co. v. Mississippi Ex Rel. Moore, 487 U.S.___, 108 S. Ct. 2428 (1988)    607
Elizabeth Newlin Taylor

Book Reviews
Reforming the Forest Service    621
Denise D. Fort

National Parks: The American Experience    624
Channing Kury

Books Received     625