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Spring 1990, Vol. 30, No. 2

Public Policy and Natural Resources
Sally K. Fairfax and Helen Ingram, Coordinating Editors

No Theory, No Apology: A Brief Comment on the State of the Art in Natural Resources Policy and the Articles Herein          259
Sally K. Fairfax and Helen Ingram

Natural Resources, Contending Theoretical Perspectives and the Problem of Prescription: An Essay          263
John G. Francis

Natural Resource Policy Analysis and Rational Choice Theory: A Strategy for Empirical Research          283
Debra J. Salazar and Robert G. Lee

The Comparative Analysis of State Environmental Policy          301
James P. Lester and Emmett N. Lombard

Conducting Comparative Research on Environmental Policy          321
Sheldon Kamieniecki and Eliz Sanasarian

The Californiazation of Arizona Water Politics          341
William Parsons and Douglas Mathews

The Role of Professional Norms and Beliefs in the Agency-Client Relations of Natural Resource Bureaucracies          361
Louise Fortmann

Urban Capacity Sharing—An Innovative Property Right for Maturing Water Economies          381
Norman J. Dudley

Tenure Policy Toward Common Property Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa          403
Steven W. Lawry

Student Writings
Police Regulatory Power vs. Pecuniary Interests: The Bankrupt Hazarous Waste Site Owner Faces the Music. United States v. Nicolet, Inc., 857 F.2d 202 (3d Cir. 1988)          423
Douglas L. Hayes

In re Rights to Use Water in the Big Horn River, 753 P.2d 76 (Wyo. 1988)          439
Peg Rogers

Citizen Enforcement of Clean Water Act Violations; The Supreme Court Steers a New Course over Muddied Waters; Gwaltney of Smithfield, Ltd. v. Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Inc.          459
Sergio J. Viscoli

Books Received         470