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Summer 1990, Vol. 30, No. 3

Essays and Reader Comments
Revisiting The Waste Land: What the Thunder Is Saying        471
Walter Coppedge

Forging a New State-Federal Alliance in Water Management         477
Stephen S. Light and John R. Wodraska

Lead Articles
Groundwater Depletion in India—Institutional Management Regimes          485
M. G. Chandrakanth and Jeff Romm

Tensions between Water Legislation and Customary Rights          503
Sanford D. Clark

Effects of Hazardous Waste Risks on Property Transfers: Legal Liability vs. Direct Regulation          521
Terry Dinan and F. Reed Johnson

Federal Regulation and Environmental Impact of the U.S. Nuclear Power Industry, 1974-1984          537
Richard W. England and Eric P. Mitchell

Regulation of Interbasin Transfers and Consumptive Uses from the Great Lakes          561
Stephen Frerichs and K. William Easter

Managing Water Resources in Latin America          581
Terence Richard Lee

Resale of the Columbia River Treaty Downstream Power Benefits: One Road from Here to There          609
Jonathan A. Lesser

The Danube River Basin: Negotiating Settlements to Transboundary Environmental Issues          629
Joanne Linnerooth

Agency Autonomy in Transboundary Resource Management: The United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico          661
Stephen P. Mumme and Scott T. Moore

Temperate Mountain Forests: Common-Pool Resources with Changing, Multiple Outputs for Changing Communities          685
Martin F Price

Student Writings
Conflicting Values: The Religious Killing of Federally Protected Wildlife          709
Tina S. Boradiansky

Book Reviews
The Mirage of Oil Protection          755
Robert W. McGee

War on Waste: Can America Win Its Battle with Garbage?, and Rush to Burn: Solving America's Garbage Crisis?          759
Jennifer Seymour Whitaker

Books Received         763