Winter 1991, Vol. 31, No. 1

The International Law of the Hydrologic Cycle
Ludwik A. Teclaff and Albert E. Utton, Coordinating Editors

Essays and Reader Comments
Generational Change in Environmental Law        1
William K. Reilly

Lead Articles
Introduction          7
Ludwik A. Teclaff

Atmospheric Water Resources Development and International Law          11
Ray Jay Davis

Fiat or Custom: The Checkered Development of International Water Law          45
Ludwik A. Teclaff

The Need and Justification for Maintaining Transboundary Flood Regimes: The Africa Case          75
Thayer Scudder

Treaty Practice Relating to Transboundary Flooding          109
Ludwik A. Teclaff

Reflections on the Estuarine Zone          123
Robert Hayton

International Organizations and the Holistic Approach to Water Problems          139
Stephen McCaffrey

The Development of the International Law of Transboundary Groundwater          167
Julio Barberis

Transfers of Pollution and the Marine Environment Conventions          187
Ludwik A. Teclaff and Eileen Teclaff

Ice Covered Regions in International Law          213
Christopher C. Joyner

Student Writing
Will Old Rights Be Lost in New Adjudications? The Idaho Supreme Court Rules on the Boundaries of the Snake River Basin Adjudication          243
Cecilia Dennis

Book Review
Statecraft, Domestic Politics, and Foreign Policymaking: The El Chamizal Dispute          255
Albert E. Utton

Books Received          259