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Summer 1991, Vol. 31, No. 3

Lead Articles
Rent Seeking, Wealth Transfers, and Water Rights: The Hawaii Case          429
Richard L. Bowen, James E.T. Moncur, and Richard L. Pollock

Environmental Standards and International Trade in Automobiles and Copper: The Case for a Social Tariff          449
Duane Chapman

Legal and Administrative Uses of Economic Paradigms: A Critique          463
Ronald G. Cummings

Water Resources Planning and Management in the United States Federal System: Long-term Assessment and Intergovernmental Issues for the Nineties          475
Leonard B. Dworsky, David J. Allee, and Ronald M. North

The Uses of the Practicably Irrigable Acreage Standard in the Quantification of Reserved Water Rights          549
Martha Franks

International Boundary Cities: The Debate on Transfrontier Planning in Two Border Regions          587
Lawrence A. Herzog

Transboundary Hydrocarbon Resources: The Puerto Vallarta Draft Treaty          609
Alberto Székely, Albert E.Utton, Carmen Pedrazzini, Ross Shipman, Ulises Canchola, and William J. Wagonner

Student Writings
An Adequate EIS under NEPA: Deference to CEQ; Merely Conceptual Listing of Mitigation Leads Us to a Merely Conceptual National Environmental Policy          653
Jennifer R. Bartlit

Reasonable Inference of Authority to Control Hazardous Waste Disposal Results in Potential Liability: United States v. Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corporation          673
Anita Letter

Book Reviews
Great Lakes—Great Legacy?          687
Leonard B. Dworsky

The Jackson Elk Herd          701
James Jackson

Water Politics: Continuity and Change          703
Albert E. Utton

Environmental Regulation of Coal Mining, SMCRA's Second Decade          707
Carl E. Zipper and Richard Roth

Books Received         713