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Fall 1991, Vol. 31, No. 4

Lead Articles
Timber Dependency and Wilderness Selection: The U.S. Forest Service, Congress, and the RARE 11 Decision          715
Douglas E. Booth

Sacred Forests, Secular Forest Policies and People's Actions          741
M. G. Chandrakanth and Jeff Romm

Mitigating Environmental Externalities through Voluntary and Involuntary Water Reallocation: Nevada's Truckee-Carson River Basin          757
Bonnie G. Colby, Ph.D., Mark A. McGinnis, and Ken A. Rait

The Politics of Federal-State Relations: The Case of Surface Mining Regulations          785
Uday Desai

The All-American Canal Lining Project: A Catalyst for Rational and Comprehensive Groundwater Management of the United States- Mexico Border          803
Douglas Hayes

The Impact on Mexico of the Lining of the All-American Canal          829
J. Roman Calleros

Mining or World Park? A Politico-Economic Analysis of Alternative Land Use Regimes in Antarctica          839
Bernard P. Herber

The Abrogation of Indian Treaties by Federal Statutes Protective of the Environment          859
Robert Lawrence

The Resource Conservation Group Proposal to Lease Colorado River Water          887
Sergio J. Viscoli

Student Writings
English v. General Electric Company: The State Right to Regulate the Nuclear Energy Industry Affirmed (Albeit Indirect)          909
Wes Bogdan

Consent Judgments in Environmental Lawsuits: More Than You Thought?          921
Mitch Jofuku

Diversions of Nevada's Truckee River Foreshadow Doom for Endangered Species          931
Judith Luck

The Ultimate "Advisor": Rights of a Downstream State under the Clean Water Act          949
Maria O'Brien

Redefining Management Participation for CERCLA's Secured Lender Exemption: United States v. Fleet Factors Corp.          967
Peter White

Book Reviews
Environmental Management and Economic Development          979
Blaire T. Bower

The World Bank and the Environmental Challenge          982
Channing Kury

Managing National Park System Resources: A Handbook on Legal Duties, Opportunities, and Tools          983
Henry A. Raup

Index—Volume 31    987