Winter 1992, Vol. 32, No. 1

Historical Analysis
and Water Resources Development
Dr. Martin Reuss,Coordinating Editor

Foreword          1
Martin Reuss

Lead Articles
Water and Bureaucracy: Origins of the Federal Responsibility for Water Resources, 1787-1838           5
Todd Shallat

Storm Over Niagara: A Catalyst in Reshaping Government in the United States and Canada During the Progressive Era           27
Gail Evans

The Milk River: Deferred Water Policy Transitions in an International Waterway          55
Mary Ellen Wolfe

Considering the Multiple Arch Dam: Theory, Practice and the Ethics of Safety in a Case of Innovative Hydraulic Engineering          77
Donald C. Jackson

Coping with Uncertainty: Social Scientists, Engineers, and Federal Water Planning          101
Martin Reuss

Student Writings
State of Ohio v. Department of Interior: The Role of Science in Valuing Natural Resources          137
Ellen Louderbough

Margarito Trujillo and Swope Farm and Livestock Co. v. CS Cattle Company and Eagle Nest Reservoir Corporation v. Angel Fire Corporation: New Mexico Water is Drowned Out by Contract          149
William Singdahlsen

Standing for Environmental Groups: Procedural Injury as Injury-in-Fact           163
Miriam Wolok

Tribes v. States: Zoning Indian Reservations          195
J. Bart Wright

Book Reviews
Congress in its Wisdom: Reclamation and the Public Interest Free Market          207
Martin Reuss

Free Market Environmentalism          211
Robert McGee

Books Received          215