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Summer 1992, Vol. 32, No. 3

Lead Articles
Dolphin-Safe Tuna: What's in a Label? The Killing of Dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and the Case for an International Legal Solution          425
Stephen M. Boreman

The United States Forest Service: Changing of the Guard          449
Greg Brown and Charles C. Harris

What Authority Should Reside in the State Engineer? New Mexico as a Case Study          467
Ira Clark

Legal Regulation of Sustainable Development in Australia: Politics, Economics or Ethics?          487
Helen Endre

The Public Trust Doctrine and Community Values in Water          515
Helen Ingram and Cy R. Oggins

New Directions in United States-Mexican Transboundary Environmental Management: A Critique of Current Proposals           539
Stephen P. Mumme

Establishing a Region for Ecological Cooperation in North America          563
Alberto Szekely

Essays and Readers' Comments
Grazing Rights: Time for a New Outlook          623
James M. Jackson

The Economics and Politics of Property Rights and Common Pool Resources          633
Michael Taylor

Fact, Fiction, and Forest Service Appeals          649
Carl Tobias

Student Writings
EPA's CERCLA Lender Liability Proposal: Secured Creditors "Hit the Jackpot"          653
Robin A. Goble

Administration of Reserved and Non-Reserved Water Rights on an Indian Reservation: Post-Adjudication Questions on the Big Horn River          681
Eric Hannum

Oklahoma and Texas v. New Mexico: A Hastily Negotiated Compact Leads to Problems in Equitable Apportionment of the Canadian River          705
Joseph H. Robertson

Book Review
The North Sea: Perspectives on Regional Environmental Cooperation          723
Harald Hohmann

Books Received         729