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Fall 1992, Vol. 32, No. 4

Lead Articles
The Use of Water Pricing as a Means for Enhancing Water Use Efficiency in Irrigation: Case Studies in Mexico and the United States          731
Ronald G. Cummings and Vahram Nercissiantz

Water Allocation by Markets, Common Property and Capacity Sharing: Companions or Competitors?          757
Norman J. Dudley

Disputing Distributions in a Shrinking Commons: The Case of Drought in California          779
Lloyd Burton

Cienega de Santa Clara: Endangered Wetland in the Colorado River Delta, Sonora, Mexico          817
Edward P. Glenn, Richard S. Felger, Alberto Búrquez and Dale S. Turner

The Navajo Indian Irrigation Project and Quantification of Navajo Winters Rights          825
Judith E. Jacobsen

What Can Be Learned from Domestic and International Aspects of Japan's Forest Resource Utilization?          855
Yoshifusa Kitabatake

"Traditions" of Forest Control in Java: Implications for Social Forestry and Sustainability          883
Nancy Lee Peluso

The Impact of Scarce Water Resources on the Arab-Israeli Conflict          919
Aaron Wolf and John Ross

Student Writings
Land Use Regulations and the Takings Clause: Are Courts Applying a Tougher Standard to Regulators after Nollan?          959
Sandra Bailey

Boarhead Corporation v. Erickson: CERCLA Precludes the Use of Other Statutes to Challenge EPA Cleanup Actions          977
Chris Schatzman

Book Review
Environmental Policy in the 1990s          997
Denise Fort

Books Received         999

Index—Volume 32    1001