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Spring 1993, Vol. 33, No. 2

The North American Experience
Managing International Transboundary Water Resources:
The International Joint Commission
and the
International Boundary and Water Commission
Part 2

Lead Articles
Prologue          233
Leonard B. Dworsky

The International Joint Commission and Public Participation: Past Experiences, Present Challenges, Future Tasks          235
Mimi Larsen Becker

The Matter of Public Participation          275
Robert D. Hayton

Public Participation and the lBWC: Challenges and Options          283
Roberto Sanchez

Commentary          299
Mary E. Kelly

Commentary          303
Carlos Nagel

Commentary          305
Keith A. Henry

Commentary          309
Michael J. Donahue, Ph.D

Ecosystem Management          315
George Francis

Ecosystem Management: Great Lakes Perspectives          347
Leonard B. Dworsky

Commentary          363
Frank Quinn

Commentary          367
Chad Day

Commentary          371
Gerardo Ceballos

Shared Resources, Common Future: Sustainable Management of Canada-United States Border Waters          375
Barry Sadler

How to Accommodate an Uncertain Future into Institutional Responsiveness and Planning: The Case of Mexico and the United States          397
Alberto Szekely

Commentary          405
Ulises Canchola

Commentary          411
Chad Day

Assessing North America's Management of Its Transboundary Waters          413
Leonard B. Dworsky and Albert E. Utton

Student Writings
U.S. v. Alexander: Defining and Regulating "Subsistence Use" of Resources among Alaska Natives          461
M. Lynne Bruzzese

Can You Say "N"?: NIMBY, NWPA and Nuclear Preemption          493
William Mabry

Where Do We Stand Now? Manuel Lujan, Jr., Secretary of the Interior, Petitioner v. Defender of Wildlife          507
Nancy S. Grief

Book Review
Introduction to World Forestry; The Last Tree: Reclaiming the Environment in Tropical Asia; Gender Bias: Roadblock to Sustainable Development; Managing the World's Forests: . Looking for Balance between Conservation and Development          529
Ann Mead Hooker

Books Received         541