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Summer 1993, Vol. 33, No. 3

Lead Articles
Harnessing International Law to Determine Israeli-Palestinian Water Rights: The Mountain Aquifer          543
Eyal Benvenisti and Haim Gvirtman

Allowable Sale Quantity (ASQ) of Timber as a Focal Point in National Forest Management          569
Greg Brown, Jay O'Laughlin and Charles C. Harris

"The Institutional Imperative": Resolving Transboundary Water Conflict in Arid Agricultural Regions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Independent States          595
Susan J. Buck, Gregory W. Gleason and Mitchel S. Jofuku

Legal Aspects of Transboundary River Basins in the Middle East: The Al Asi (Orontes), The Jordan and The Nile          629
Dante A. Caponera

Settlement of Indian Reserved Water Rights Claims          665
Michael J. Clinton

Institutional Feasibility of Contingent Water Marketing to Increase Migratory Flows For Salmon on the Upper Snake River          671
Ray Huffaker, Norman K. Whittlesey and Phillip R. Wandschneider

Lining The All-American Canal: Legal Problems and Physical Solutions          697
Jeffrey Kishel, P.E.

Groundwater Rights in an Uncertain Environment: Theoretical Perspectives on the San Luis Valley          727
Kathleen A. Miller, Lawrence J. MacDonnell and Steven L. Rhodes

Preservation of Waterfowl Habitat in Western Canada: Is the North American Waterfowl Management Plan a Success?          759
G. Cornelis Van Kooten

Federalism and Offshore Oil Leasing Resources for the Future          777
Margaret A. Walls

Water for Peace in the Jordan River Watershed          797
Aaron Wolf

Chasing The Wind: Wyoming Supreme Court Decision in Big Horn III Denies Beneficial Use for Instream Flow Protection, But Empowers State to Administer Federal Indian Reserved Water Right Awarded to The Wind River Tribes          841
Tom Kinney