Fall 1993, Vol. 33, No. 4

Introduction          873
Ruth S. Musgrave

Lead Articles
Debate Within the CITES Community: What Direction For the Future?          875
David Favre

Public or Private?: United States Commercial Fisheries Management and the Public Trust Doctrine, Reciprocal Challenges          919
Seth Macinko

The GATT-Tuna Dolphin Dispute: An Update          957
Judge R. Kenton Musgrave

The Status of Poaching in the United States—Are We Protecting Our Wildlife?          977
Ruth S. Musgrave, Sara Parker and Miriam Wolok

Impact of Land Use on Biodiversity Preservation in Nigerian Natural Ecosystems: A Review          1015
Gbadebo J. Osemeobo

The Endangered Species Act at Twenty: An Analytical Survey of Federal Endangered Species Protection          1027
Andrew A. Smith, Margaret A. Moote and Cecil R. Schwalbe

What Will Happen to the Critters: NAFTA'S Potential Impact on Wildlife Protection          1077
William Snape

Chasing Armadillos Down Yellow Lines: Economics in the Endangered Species Act          1095
Jon A. Souder

The Lucas Decision: Implications for Mining Reform          1141
Nancy Greif

Books Received          1153

Index—Volume 33    1157