Winter 1994, Vol. 34, No. 1

Lead Articles
Was the Ohio Court Well Informed in its Assessment of the Accuracy of the Contingent Valuation Method?          1
Ronald G. Cummings and Glenn W. Harrison

CVM Spells Responses to Hypothetical Questions          37
Peter Bohm

Is the Glass Half Empty, is the Glass Half Full? Compensable Damages and the Contingent Valuation Method          51
David S. Brookshire and Michael McKee

The Public Trust, What's it Worth?          73
Thomas A. Campbell

Reflections on the Ohio Decision          93
K. E. McConnell

Why the Ohio Case Shouldn't Matter          109
Robert J. McManus, Esq.

Lightning Rods, Dart Boards, and Contingent Valuation          121
V. Kerry Smith

Natural Resource Damage Assessment: The Role of Resource Restoration          153
Marisa J. Mazzotta, James J. Opaluch and Thomas A. Grigalunas

"NAFTA Meets NEPA: Trade And The Environment in The 1990s"          179
Christina J. Bruff

New York v. United States: Federalism and the Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Waste          197
Richard D. Weiner

Book Reviews
The Heated Debate, by Robert C. Balling, Jr.          225
Stephen A. Thompson

Books Received          229