Summer 1996, Vol. 36, No. 3

Lead Articles
Western Europe's Artery: The Rhine          441
Carel H.V. De Villeneuve

Management and Sharing of the Ganges          455
Tauhidul Anwar Khan

Riverine Ecosystems in International Law          481
Iris M. Korhonen

The Danube River Basin: International Cooperation or Sustainable Development          521
Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer and Susan Murcott

The Harmon Doctrine One Hundred Years Later: Buried, Not Praised          549
Stephen C. McCaffrey

Cuixmala Model Draft Treaty for the Protection of the Environment and the Natural Resources of North America          591
Alberto Székely, J. Alan Beesley and Albert E. Utton

Which Rule Should Prevail in International Water Disputes: That of Reasonableness or that of No Harm?          635
Albert E. Utton

Can Bambi Ride Herd over Godzilla? The Role of Executive Oversight in EPA's Rulemaking for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant          643
Margret Carde