Winter 1997, Vol. 37, No. 1

Symposium on Electric Industry Restructuring

Introduction          1
Leo Romero

Lead Articles
Bypass as an Option for Health: Medicine v. Business          3
Larry Bruneel

Transmission Access Pricing and "Non-bypassable" Competitive Transition Charges          9
Michael J. Doane and Paul W. Macavoy

Competition and Stranded Costs Re-Revisited          29
Alfred E. Kahn

Municipalization of Electricity: The Allure of Lower Rates for Bright Lights in Big Cities          43
Suedeen G. Kelly

On Stranded Cost Recovery in the Deregulation of the U.S. Electric Power Industry          59
Michael T. Maloney, Robert E. McCormick and Raymond D. Sauer

FERC Open Access Transmission Rule and Utility Bypass Cases          125
Cynthia A. Marlette

Overview of Electric Industry Bypass Issues           141
Jon R. Mostel

Traditional Municipalization and Duplication of Facilities Cases: Background, Facts, and Status          155
Alan I. Robbins and Stacy D. Gould

Application of National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Principles to Guide the Restructuring of the Electric Industry to Issues of Bypass          165
Wayne Shirley

The Economics of Negative Barriers to Entry: How to Recover Stranded Costs and Achieve Competition on Equal Terms in the Electric Utility Industry          175
William B. Tye and Frank C. Graves

Books Received          251