Fall 1997, Vol. 37, No. 4

Lead Articles
Fish and Wildlife
Saving Salmon with Fishwheels: A Bioeconomic Analysis          785
William J. Jaeger

International Law
International Law of the Sea: The Legality of Canadian Seizure of the Spanish Trawler (Estai)          809
Okon Akiba

Property Rights
Pollution Control in the Informal Sector: The Ciudad Juirez Brickmakers' Project          829
Allen Blackman and Geoffrey J. Bannister

Private Property in Natural Resources and The Public Weal in German Law—Latent Similarities to the Public Trust Doctrine?          857
Hanno Kube

Water and Watercourses
A Bibliographic Pathfinder on Water Marketing          881
Ronald A. Kaiser and Michael McFarland

The Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission: Another Look at Western Water          909
Denise Fort

Student Writings
Lassoing the Loophole: The Need to Rope in the Use of the Domestic Well Loophole by Subdividers in New Mexico          923
Jocelyn Drennan

Index—Volume 37    967