Fall 1998, Vol. 38, No. 4

Land Ownership and Responsibility for the Mining Environment in Ghana          509
F. Nii Botchway

Steve Reynolds—Portrait of a State Engineer as a Young Artist          537
G. Emlen Hall

Acts of God or Toxic Torts? Applying Tort Principles to the Problem of Climate Change          563
Eduardo M. Peñalver

A Case of Need: The Struggle to Protect Bigleaf Mahogany          603
Tyler Roozen

That Was Then and This Is Now: An Economist's Wish List for the LLRW Siting Paradigm          635
Jeffrey Wagner

Student Writings
Conjunctive Management of Stream-Aquifer Water Rights: The Hubbard Decision          651
Jeffrie Minier

United Water New Mexico, Inc. v. New Mexico Public Utilities Commission          667
Thomas Smidt III

Books Received          703

Index—Volume 38    707