Spring 1999, Vol. 39, No. 2

Not So Helpless: Application of the U.S. Constitution Property Clause to Protect Federal Parklands from External Threats          193
Harry R. Bader

The Precautionary Principle in CITES: A Critical Assessment          211
Barnabas Dickson

Policy Considerations for Increasing Compatibilities between Agriculture and Wildlife          229
Jan Lewandrowski & Kevin Ingram

Political Self-Interest and U.S. Environmental Policy          271
Michael Lyons

Hydro-Politics in South Asia: A Comparative Analysis of the Mahakali and the Ganges Treaties          295
Salman M.A. Salman & Kishor Uprety

Spot Market for Water along the Texas Rio Grande: Opportunities for Water Management          345
David W. Yoskowitz

Student Writings
Western Wetlands: The Backwater of Wetlands Regulation          357
J. Brian Smith

Books Received          415

Call for Papers    417