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Spring 2000, Vol. 40, No. 2

Transboundary Groundwater on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Is the Glass Half Full, Half Empty, or Even on the Table?          185
Helen Ingram

Water in the U.S.-Mexico Border Area          189
Bill Hume

Articles From the La Paz Symposium on Transboundary Groundwater
International Groundwaters: The Upper San Pedro River Basin Case          199
Hector M. Arias

Water Management Options for the Upper San Pedro Basin: Assessing the Social and Institutional Landscape          223
Robert G. Varady, Margaret Ann Moote & Robert Merideth

Mining of Internationally Shared Aquifers: The El Paso-Juárez Case          237
Octavio E. Chavéz

The Lining of the All-American Canal: The Forgotten Voices          261
Alfonso Cortez-Lara & Maria Rosa García-Acevedo

A Focus on a Binational Watershed with a View toward Fostering a Cross-Border Dialogue          281
Elaine Moore Hebard

Minute 242 and Beyond: Challenges and Opportunities for Managing Transboundary Groundwater on the Mexico-U.S. Border          341
Stephen P. Mumme

The Quitobaquito Desert Pupfish, An Endangered Species within Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: Historical Significance and Management Challenges          379
Gina Pearson & Charles W. Conner

El Agua en la Reserva de la Biosfera el Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Alter, Sonora, México: Communidades, Vida Silvestre y la Frontera con Estados Unidos          411
María de Lourdes Murguía Ruiz

The La Paz Symposium on Transboundary Groundwater Management on the U.S.-Mexico Border          345
Stephen P. Mumme

States, Markets and Beyond: Governance of Transboundary Water Resources          439
Joachim Blatter & Helen Ingram

Books Received         475