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Fall 2002, Vol. 42, No. 4


An Essay on Environmental Justice: The Past, the Present, and Back to the Future    701
Eileen Gauna

Race, Ethnicity, and Natural Resources in the United States: A Review    723
John Schelhas

Constructive Conquest in the Courts: A Legal History of the Western Shoshone Lands Struggle-1861 to 1991    765
John D. O'Connell

The Indian Wars: Efforts to Resolve Western Shoshone Land and Treaty Issues and to Distribute the Indian Claims Commission Judgment Fund    801
Thomas E. Luebben & Cathy Nelson

The Measure of Indian Water Rights: The Arizona Homeland Standard, Gila River Adjudication    835
Barbara A. Cosens

Western Urban Water Demand    873
David S. Brookshire, H. Stuart Burness, Janie M. Chermak & Kate Krause

Andrade Mesa Wetlands of the All-American Canal    899
Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, Pamela L. Nagler, Yamilett Carrillo-Guerrero, Enrique Zamora-Hernandez, Jaqueline Garcia-Hernandez, Francisco Zamora-Arroyo, Kara Gillon & Edward P. Glenn

Student Writing
The Extension of Legal Rights to Animals under a Caring Ethic: An Ecofeminist Exploration of Steven Wise's Rattling the Cage    915
Katrina M. Albright

The Administration of the Middle Rio Grande Basin: 1956-2002    939
Celina A. Jones

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature

Water Works    969
G. Emlen Hall

Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America's Fresh Waters, by Robert J. Glennon    978
Tim DeYoung

Energy, the Environment, and Public Opinion, by Eric R.A.N. Smith    981
Bruce Clotworthy

Involuntary Resettlement: Comparative Perspectives, edited by Robert Picciotto, Warren van Wicklin & Edward Rice    985
Pilar Gonzales

Books Received    989

Index-Volume 42    995