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Spring 2003, Vol. 43, No. 2


Visions of Sustainable Interstate Water Management Agreements    347
John E. Thorson

Limiting Liability for Long-Continued Breach of Interstate Water Allocation Compacts    373
Douglas L. Grant

A Comparison between the Water Law Reforms in South Africa and Scotland: Can a Generic National Water Law Model Be Developed from These Examples?    419
Andrew Allan

Scotland's Water-Safe Clean Affordable Public?    491
Sarah Hendry

Coalbed Methane Development: The Costs and Benefits of an Emerging Energy Resource    519
Gary C. Bryner

Governing Western Mineral Resources: The Emergence of Collaboration    561
Ric Richardson

In Search of a Paleontological Resources Policy for Federal Lands    587
Robert W. Malmsheimer & Alisa S.H. Hilfinger

Student Writing
Federalism, Electric Industry Restructuring, and the Dormant Commerce Clause: Tampa Electric Co. v. Garcia and State Restrictions on the Development of Merchant Power Plants    615
Jeffery S. Dennis

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature

Local Control of Nature: Collaboration to Compensation    661
Jason F. Shogren

International Law and the Environment: Variations on a Theme, by Tuomas Kuokkanen    667
Kishor Uprety

Fire, Native Peoples, and the Natural Landscape, edited by Thomas Vale    671
Aukjen T. Ingraham

Property Rights: From Magna Carta to the Fourteenth Amendment, by Bernard H. Siegan    673
Ian Bezpalko

Books Received    925