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Summer 2003, Vol. 43, No. 3

How Big Do We Want To Get?
A Symposium on
Growth Management: Impacts and Options


Smart Growth in Western Metro Areas    687
Robert H. Freilich

Defensible Moratoria: The Law Before and After the Tahoe-Sierra Decision    703
Matthew G. St. Amand & Dwight H. Merriam

Creating Effective Land Use Regulations through Concurrency    753
S. Mark White & Elisa L. Paster

Rural Development Considerations for Growth Management    781
Anita P. Miller

Water Supply and Urban Growth in New Mexico: Same Old, Same Old or a New Era?    803
Lora Lucero & A. Dan Tarlock

Market Based Approaches to Environmental Preservation: To Environmental Mitigation Fees and Beyond    837
James C. Nicholas & Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer

Public Participation Is on the Rise: A Review of the Changes in the Notice and Hearing Requirements for the Adoption and Amendment of General Plans and Rezonings Nationwide and in Recent Arizona Land Use Legislation    865
Douglas A. Jorden & Michele A. Hentrich

Implementing the Vision: Impact Fees and the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planned Growth Strategy    887
Louis J. Colombo

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature

Recent Books on Growth, Public Lands, and the Environment    903
Lora Lucero

Conservation Biology, by Michael E. Soule & Gordon H. Orians    915
Ross Cullen

Alternate Futures for Changing Landscapes: The Upper San Pedro River Basin in Arizona and Sonora, by Carl Steinitz, Hector Arias, Scott Bassett, Michael Flaxman, Tomas Goode, Thomas Maddock III, Dave Mount, Richard Peiser & Allen Shearer    918
Terry Sprouse

Translating Property: The Maxwell Land Grant and the Conflict over Land in the American West, 1840-1900, by Maria E. Montoya    921
Ryan Golten

Books Received    925