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Fall 2004, Vol. 44, No. 4

Introduction          vii

In Memoriam - John P. Taylor          viii

Managing Biological Integrity, Diversity, and Environmental Health in the National Wildlife Refuges: An Introduction to the Symposium        931
Robert L. Fischman & Vicky J. Meretsky

Ecological Concepts, Legal Standards, and Public Land Law: An Analysis and Assessment          943
Robert B. Keiter

The Meanings of Biological Integrity, Diversity, and Environmental Health          989
Robert L. Fischman

The Wildlife Refuge and the Land Community          1027
Eric T. Freyfogle

National Wildlife Refuge System: Ecological Context and Integrity          1041
J. Michael Scott, Thomas Loveland, Kevin Gergely, James Strittholt & Nancy Staus

Beyond Definitions: Maintaining Biological Integrity, Diversity, and Environmental Health in National Wildlife Refuges          1067
James R. Karr

Some Suggestions for Keeping National Wildlife Refuges Healthy and Whole          1093
Reed F. Noss

A Chronological Frame of Reference for Ecological Integrity and Natural Conditions          1113
Brian Czech

Maintaining the Biological Integrity, Diversity, and Environmental Health of the National Wildlife Refuge System          1137
Noah P. Matson

Biological Integrity, Diversity, and Environmental Health Policy and the Attainment of Refuge Purposes: A Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Case Study          1161
J. Gregory Mensik & Fred L. Paveglio

Managing National Wildlife Refuges for Historic or Non-Historic Conditions: Determining the Role of the Refuge in the Ecosystem          1185
Richard L. Schroeder, Jeanne I. Holler & John P. Taylor

Student Article
Leaving Wildlife out of National Wildlife Refuges: The Irony of Wyoming v. United States          1211
Stanley Fields

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature
Recent Books on the National Wildlife Refuge System and Its Uncertain Future          1239
Richard J. Finkmoore

The Economics of Conserving Wildlife and Natural Areas, by Clem Tisdell          1259
Ross Cullen

Nuclear Legacy: Students of Two Atomic Cities, by Maureen McQuerry          1261
Robert Neill

Forgotten Fires, Native Americans and the Transient Wilderness, by Omer C. Stewart          1263
Pablo Padilla

Books Received         1267

Index—Volume 44    1273