Winter 2005, Vol. 45, No. 1


Natural History and the Deep Roots of Resource Management        1
Thomas L. Fleischner

Economic Tradeoffs in Preserving Riparian Habitat          15
Bonnie Colby & Patricia Orr

Uncharted Territory—The Charter Forest Experiment on the Valles Caldera National Preserve: An Initial Economic and Policy Analysis          33
Joseph Little, Robert P. Berrens & Patricia A. Champ

Taxation of Oil and Gas in the United States 1970-1997          77
Mitch Kunce & William E. Morgan

Shell Games: Vicarious Liability of State and Local Governments for Insufficiently Protective Regulations under the ESA          103
Valerie J.M. Brader

Coverage of the Endangered Species Act in Four Major Newspapers          135
Laura J. Hendrickson

The Coase Theorem and Western U.S. Appropriative Water Rights          169
C. Carter Ruml

Student Article
Will the Durational Element Endure? Only Time Will Tell: Temporary Regulatory Takings in the Court of Federal Claims and Federal Circuit after Tahoe-Sierra          201
Heather G. Wight-Axling

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature
Conservation Easement Design: Saving the Ranch, or Paved with Good Intentions - A Review of Saving the Ranch: Conservation Easement Design in the American West, by Anthony Anella & John B. Wright          239
Erin Morrow

Public Land and Political Meaning: Ranchers, the Government, and the Property between Them, by Karen R. Merrill          263
R. McGreggor Cawley

Small Wind Systems for Rural Energy Services, by Smail Khennas, Simon Dunnett & Hugh Piggot    264
Ebitsam Seoudi Wilkins

Crude Power: Politics and the Oil Market, by Oystein Noreng          266
Justin Miller

Books Received          271