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Fall 2005, Vol. 45, No. 4


The Circle and the Cross: Reflections on the Holy Wells of Ireland        789
Walter L. Brenneman, Jr.

Hydrology and Administration of Domestic Wells in New Mexico          807
W. Peter Balleau & Steven E. Silver

On Regulating New Mexico's Domestic Wells          853
Frank B. Titus, Ph.D.

Global Climate Change and the Use of Economic Approaches: The Ideal Design Features of Domestic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading with an Analysis of the European Union's CO2 Emissions Trading Directive and the Climate Stewardship Act          865
Inho Choi

Water Availability and Economic Development: Signs of the Invisible Hand? An Empirical Look at the Falkenmark Index and Macroeconomic Development          953
Jeffrey Edwards, Benhua Yang & Rashid B. Al-Hmoud

The Forest Service and Western Water Rights: An Intimate Portrait of United States v. New Mexico          979
G. Emlen Hall

Transboundary Water Law in Africa: Development, Nature, and Geography          1053
Jonathan Lautze & Mark Giordano

Student Writing
State ex rel. Martinez v. City of Las Vegas: The Misuse of History and Precedent in the Abolition of the Pueblo Water Rights Doctrine in New Mexico          1089
Martha E. Mulvany

Book Reviews
The Future of Large Dams: Dealing with Social, Environmental, Institutional and Political Costs, by Thayer Scudder          1117
Charles W. (Chuck) Howe

Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains, edited by Robert Julyan & Mary Stuever          1120
Nancy Harbert

Global City Blues, by Daniel Solomon          1122
Lara Katz

Books Received         1125

Index—Volume 45    1131