Winter 2006, Vol. 46, No. 1

Introduction          vii

Sight the Gun High        1
Laura Pritchett

Lobo Returns from Limbo: New Mexico Cattle Growers Ass'n v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service         9
Edward A. Fitzgerald

Public Accountability and Conservation Easements: Learning from the Uniform Conservation Easement Act Debates          65
Mary Ann King & Sally K. Fairfax

The Dog That Didn't Bark: Assessing Damages for Valid Regulatory Takings          131
Kenneth Salzberg

The Role of Customary Rules and Principles of International Environmental Law in the Protection of Shared International Freshwater Resources          157
Owen McIntyre

The Senegal River Basin: A Retrospective and Prospective Look at the Legal Regime          211
Margaret J. Vick

Student Writing
Trout Unlimited          245
Grieta Gilchrist

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature
The Global Environment: A Review Essay          279
John Walton

Catastrophe: Risk and Response, by Richard A. Posner          286
Joseph F. St. Cyr

Searching for Sustainability: Interdisciplinary Essays in the Philosophy of Conservation Biology, by Bryan G. Norton          292
Charles Kinney

Books Received          296