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Spring 2006, Vol. 46, No. 2

Moving Beyond the Current Paradigm: Redefining the Federal-Tribal
Trust Relationship for This Century
In Collaboration with the American Indian Law Center, Inc.

Introduction          vii

New Paradigm: Indian Tribes in the Land of Unintended Consequences        301
Sam Deloria

Symposium Articles
An Indian Trust for the Twenty-First Century          317
Kevin Gover

Indian Water and the Federal Trust: Some Proposals for Federal Action          375
Judith V. Royster

Indian Water Rights and the Federal Trust Responsibility          399
Robert T. Anderson

Moving Toward Exclusive Tribal Autonomy over Lands and Natural Resources          439
Stacy L. Leeds

A Paradigmatic, Comparative, Private-Law Perspective on the FederalTrusteeship          463
Robert Laurence

"Not Much Less Necessary.. .Than the Atmosphere They Breathed": Salmon, Indian Treaties, and the Supreme Court-A Centennial Remembrance of United States v. Winans and Its Enduring Significance          489
Michael C. Blumm & James Brunberg

Book Reviews
On the Brink: The Great Lakes in the 21st Century, by Dave Dempsey          547
Dale B. Thompson

Pricing Irrigation Water: Principles and Cases from Developing Countries, by Yacov Tsur, Terry Roe, Rachid Doukkali & Ariel Dinar          560
Ronald G. Cummings

Oil and Gas Law in Kazakhstan: National and International Perspectives, by Illias Bantekas, John Paterson & Maidan Suleimenov          562
Eric D. Norvell

Books Received         567