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Fall 2006, Vol. 46, No. 4

Introduction          vii

Build It and They Will Come? Mandating Collaboration in Public Lands Planning and Management        841
Antony S. Cheng

Land Use Dynamics and Policy Implications in the Jinghe Watershed of Western China: A Critical Assessment from Local Perspectives          859
Lin Zhen, Li Yang, Gaodi Xie & Shengkui Cheng

Seal Bounty and Seal Protection Laws in Maine, 1872 to 1972: Historic Perspectives on a Current Controversy          881
Barbara Lelli & David E. Harris

Examination of the Phoenix Regional Water Supply for Sustainable Yield and Carrying Capacity          925
Jan C. Bush, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, John L. Keane & Judith M. Dworkin

Policy Tools for Wildland Fire Management: Principles, Incentives, and Conflicts          959
Sara Elizabeth Jensen

Voluntary Environmental Regulation in Developing Countries: A Mexican Case Study          1005
Allen Blackman & Nicholas Sisto

Student Article
Salmon as Lazarus in the Oregon Desert: The Historic Settlement and Relicensing of the Pelton-Round Butte Project          1043
Shems Baker Jud

Book Reviews
Arizona Water Policy: Management Innovations in an Urbanizing, Arid Region, edited by Bonnie G. Colby & Katharine L. Jacobs          1081
Margaret J. Vick

Hydrology and Water Law — Bridging the Gap, edited by J. Wallace & P. Wouters          1086
Aysegul Kibarogli

Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future, by Jeff Goode          1090
Amy Williams

Books Received         1093

Index—Volume 46    1097