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Fall 2007, Vol. 47, No. 4

Introduction          vii

What Shall We Do with All of This Ground Water?        781
John Shomaker

United States Supreme Court Rules EPA Must Take Action on Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Massachusetts v. EPA          793
Charles de Saillan

Protecting the World's Largest Body of Fresh Water: The Often Overlooked Role of Indian Tribes' Co-Management of the Great Lakes          815
Jacqueline Phelan Hand

"Milking" Oil Tankers: The Paradoxical Effect of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990          849
Inho Kim

Building Social Capital in Forest Communities: Analysis of New Mexico's Collaborative Forest Restoration Program          867
Tyler Prante, Jennifer A. Thacher, Daniel W. McCollum & Robert P. Berrens

Alternatives for Restoring the Colorado River Delta          917
Kevin G. Wheeler, Jennifer Pitt, Timothy M. Magee & Daniel F. Luecke

Student Article
The Efficacy of State Law in Protecting Native American Sacred Places: A Case Study of the Paseo Del Norte Extension          969
Samantha M. Ruscavage-Barz

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature
Connection Lines: Re-Defining Western and U.S.Environmental Policy: A Review Essay          999
Peter Lavigne

Desert Wetlands, by Lucian Niemeyer, with text by Thomas Lowe Fleischner          1010
James A. Allen

The Great Lakes Water Wars, by Peter Annin          1012
Louis P. Cain

The Risks We Run, by Roger Moody          1015
Kristin Casper

Books Received         1019

Index—Volume 47    1023