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Spring 2008, Vol. 48, No. 2

Introduction      vii

Water, Theology, and the New Mexico Water Code     227
Martha C. Franks

The First 100 Years of the New Mexico Water Code     245
G. Emlen Hall

Resolving Conflict in Non-Ideal, Complex Systems:Solutions for the Law-Science Breakdown in Environmental and Natural Resource Law      257
Barbara Cosens

Preservation, Resource Extraction, and Recreation on Public Lands: A View from the States    303
Steven M. Davis

Tribal Trustees and the Use of Recovered Natural Resource Damages Under CERCLA      353
Matthew Duchesne

The Impact of Full Beneficial Use of San Juan-Chama Project Water by the City of Albuquerque on New Mexico's Rio Grande Compact Obligations      371
Kevin G. Flanigan and Amy I. Haas

Iran's Concession Agreements and the Role of the National Iranian Oil Company: Economic Development and Sovereign Immunity      407
Homayoun Mafi

Realizing the Right to Water in International Investment Law: An Interdisciplinary Approach to BIT Obligations      431
William Schreiber

Student Article
Reclaiming Querencia: The Quest for Culturally Appropriate, Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development in Northern New Mexico479
Kristina Gray Fisher

Book Reviews
The State of the Natural Resources Literature
On Private Property: Finding Common Ground on the Ownership of Land, by Eric T. Freyfogle and Buying Nature: The Limits of Land Acquisition as a Conservation Strategy, 1780-2004, by Sally K. Fairfax, Lauren Gwin, & Laura A. Watt     533
Martin Nie

Books Received     537