Fall 2008, Vol. 48, No. 4

Symposium on
Land Grants and the Law:
The Disputed Legal Histories
of New Mexico's Land Grants

Introduction      ix
Kristina G. Fisher

Persistence and Disintegration: New Mexico's Community Land Grants in Historical Perspective     847
Manuel García y Griego

Righting the Record: A Response to the GAO's 2004 Report Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: Findings and Possible Options Regarding Longstanding Community Land Grant Claims in New Mexico      857
David Benavides & Ryan Golten

Appendix to Righting the Record: Land Grant Speculation in New Mexico During the Territorial Period    927
David Correia

Taking Timber, Earth, and Water: The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and the Struggle for New Mexico's Land Grants      949
David Correia

The Cebolleta Land Grant: Multicultural Cooperation and Contention      963
Denise Holladay Damico

The Blighted History of the Alameda Land Grant: Montoya v. Unknown Heirs of Vigil      983
Kristopher N. Houghton

The Pajarito Land Grant: A Contextual Analysis of Its Confirmation by the U.S. Government     1009
Elaine Patricia Lujan

Land Grants and the U.S. Forest Service      1039
Carol Raish & Alice M. McSweeney

The History and Adjudication of the Antonio Chávez Grant      1057
Mark Schiller

Book Review
Land Grants and Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico, by Malcolm Ebright      1081
Kristina G. Fisher

Books Received      1085
Index—Volume 48      1089