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Spring 2010, Vol. 50, No. 2

Symposium on

"As If Equity Mattered"
in Natural Resources

Held at the University of California, Berkeley
September 30–October 2, 2009

Front Matter

Introduction      ix
Reed D. Benson

Symposium: Opening Essay
As If Equity Mattered—Common Themes and Enduring Issues in the Symposium    291
David L. Feldman & Michelle Whitman

Professional Articles
Equity in Sustainable Communities: Exploring Tools from Environmental Justice and Political Ecology    315
Tendai Chitewere

The Virtual Reservation: Land Distribution, Natural Resource Access, and Equity on the Yurok Forest    341
Lynn Huntsinger & Lucy Diekmann

Keeping Up with the E. coli: Considering Human-Nonhuman Relationships in Natural Resources Policy    371
Mrill Ingram

Toxic Inequities: Chemical Exposures and Indigenous Communities in Canada and the United States    393
Nancy Langston

Equity in Urban Water Governance Through Participatory, Place-Based Approaches    407
Kelli L. Larson & Denise Lach

Reconciling Norm Conflict in Endangered Species Conservation on Private Land    431
Andrea Olive & Leigh Raymond

Land Use Regulation: Time to Think About Fairness    455
Joseph L. Sax

Tribal Justice and Property Rights: The Evolution of Winters v. United States    471
A. Dan Tarlock

When Equity Almost Mattered: Outdoor Recreation, Land Acquisition, and Mid-Twentieth-Century Conservation Politics    501
Sarah L. Thomas

Equity in Policy: Failure and Opportunity    517
Henry Vaux, Jr.

Place-Based Conservation and Urban Waterways: Watershed Activism in the Bottom of the Basin    539
Anne Taufen Wessells