Spring 2012, Vol. 52 No. 1

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Professional Articles

52/1/baldwin_richards.pdf" onclick='popup(this.href,500,800); return false;'>REDD, PINC, and Other Shades of Green: Institutional Requirements for an International Forest Carbon Sequestration Treaty in a Post-Kyoto World     1
Elizabeth Baldwin & Kenneth R. Richards

Bridging the Governance Gap: Emerging Strategies to Integrate Water and Land Use Planning    61
Sarah Bates

Lives Under the Canopy: Spotted Owls and Loggers in Western Forests    99
Erik Loomis & Ryan Edgington

Building a Simple General Model of Municipal Water Conservation Policy for Communities Overlying the Ogallala Aquifer    135
Jeffrey A. Edwards, R. Gary Pumphrey, Lucia Barbato, Lyubov A. Kurkalova & Mark L. Burkey

Making Renewable Energy FiT: A Feed-in-Tariff Certifying Body Could Accelerate Renewable Energy Deployment in the United States    157
Ivan Lieben & Ian Boisvert

The Landsafe Socioecological Development Model for the Customary Commons of Zambia: Evolution and Formalization    195
I.P.A. Manning

Implementation of the Arizona Water Settlement Act in New Mexico: An Overview of Legal Considerations    215
Adrian Oglesby

A Walk in the Park: A Legal Overview of California's State and Federal Parks and the Laws Governing Their Use and Enjoyment    237
Pieter M. O'Leary