Academic Support

The University of New Mexico School of Law’s Career and Student Services Office (CSSO) is dedicated to helping all law students reach their full academic potential. CSSO’s academic support services are available to all first, second and third year students as well as recent graduates taking the bar exam.

What is Academic Support?

Students may receive academic support services through self referral, through professor referral or by virtue of being on academic probation. Academic support means providing individualized assistance to students in order to help them achieve their academic goals.

Individual academic advising is available to all students through the CSSO staff and through working one on one with a faculty member.

What Programs are Offered?

CSSO’s academic support programs are free and open to all. They are offered throughout each semester. Check the law school events calendar to see the schedule of classes or drop by the CSSO office for a flier. Topics may include:

  • Learning Styles
  • Legal writing
  • Getting the Most from Your Classes –
    • Case briefing,
    • note taking,
    • class participation,
    • outlining
  • Study groups, study habits
  • Time management
  • Exam taking workshop with professors and tutors
    • Essay exams
    • Multiple choice exams
  • Sample exam questions and answers are available on the law school Intranet.
  • Managing Stress workshops and main campus resource referrals

What Other Services are Offered?


All first year doctrinal courses have an upper division student tutor. Students are encouraged to attend tutor sessions and individual carrel hours with tutors.

Students on academic probation may be assigned an individual tutor to work with during the semester. CSSO staff will assign tutors.


Information in PDF format audio, video or pod casts:

What if I am on Academic Probation?

Students on probation or suspension are required to attend a summer program immediately prior to the start of the fall semester. Students are advised individually and may be assigned a faculty advisor. In addition, there are various academic success workshops throughout the semester.

What if I Just Want to Improve?

All students are encouraged and welcome to participate in academic support activities and programs.

How Do I Get Help in Studying for the Bar Exam?

The CSSO Office has developed a section on the website entitled New Mexico Bar Exam. Bar exam outlines are available on the Intranet.

Are Written Study Materials Available?

The CSSO office library contains a small collection of commercial study aids. The Law Library also has a collection of these materials available for check out.

Student class outlines are available on the Intranet.