Bar Examination Loans

Loans are available to help law students with costs related to taking the Bar Exam, including fees for bar review courses, exam registration fees, and living expenses. There are a few private lenders who make bar loans. These are not considered “educational loans.” Carefully research interest rates, repayment terms, application deadlines, and fees in order to decide which loan works best for you. Some of the loan providers that offer Bar loans are listed alphabetically below. However, this is not intended to be an inclusive list, nor does UNM School of Law recommend any specific loan provider. You will be responsible for submitting the loan application to your chosen lender. Your loan check will be mailed directly to you. Any documentation you need regarding graduation date can be obtained through the registrar William Jackson.

Discover Bar Exam Loans

Fifth Third Bank

Graduate Leverage

Sallie Mae Bar Study Loan

Wells Fargo Bank