The School of Law is located on the north edge of the campus in Bratton Hall. The architecture is a blend of southwestern and modern styles.

Bratton Hall is constructed around a large forum that connects all wings of the building. Students, staff, and faculty meet here on common ground to visit, read, and relax. The forum surrounds a circular moot court room, which is abutted by a jury room and judges' chambers. The Law Library is located in Bratton Hall.

The Frederick M. Hart Wing is connected to Bratton Hall via a corridor leading to the Forum. The Hart Wing houses administrative offices, faculty and staff offices, eight classrooms and a dedicated courtroom. The Information Technology Department, the Clinical Programs, the copy center, multimedia center, and Career Services are in the Hart wing.

In addition to classrooms, seminar rooms, faculty, staff and student organization offices, Bratton Hall is also home to the American Indian Law Center.

Next to Bratton Hall is the New Mexico Law Center that houses  the Law School's Institute of Public Law, the Innocence and Justice Project, and the Native American Community Academy.

There are a number of amenities available to UNM law students. A deli and eating area are on the premises. The deli is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and serves breakfast, lunch and snack foods.

Handicapped parking spaces are available near the entrance to the law school. Class rooms are tiered, and all are wheelchair accessible on the top level.