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Wireless Internet Access

The University of New Mexico School of Law wireless network can be accessed from the law school and the law library. Three connections are available for the UNM Community (Lobo-Sec, Lobo-Wifi, Lobo-Guest) and one connection is available for members of the general public (Lobo-Guest). Whether a wireless-capable computer, PDA or other device auto-detects an available network or it must be manually configured to join an available network, a user can select an available UNM wireless connection.

Currently, there are three wireless connections:

  • Lobo-Sec (available only to the UNM community).This is a secure and encrypted wireless network. If a user selects this connection, he or she will be redirected to a Web page for authentication. Any UNM law student, faculty or staff member may use this wireless account by entering their UNM NetID and password, as well as the current WPA key (located on the Law School Intranet in the wireless instructions and on the UNM IT/wireless page. Via Lobo-Sec, a user will have access to a personal drive (M drive) on the law school’s server and have the ability to print to network printers.
  • Lobo-WiFi (available only to the UNM Community). This allows web-browsing (both http and https), access for IT-supported VPN clients, DNS and DHCP services, as well as secure email. If a user selects this connection, he or she will be allowed to search the web, but will not have access to any drives (M drive) or files that reside on the law school’s server. A user may access his or her law school e-mail account via web mail. The user must authenticate with a UNM NetID and password to use Lobo-Wifi. The user also must download a policy key to use this SSID. There is no access to network printers. Visit here for more information.
  • Lobo-Guest (available to the general public). This is not a secure connection. It allows web browsing on the Internet via the UNM wireless network, but provides no other Internet access, such as a VPN connection. No access to the law school’s server or network printers.


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