National Italian American Bar Association


  • To foster unity, fellowship, and support amongst Italian-American Law Students who share common educational, professional and cultural pursuits.
  • To recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements by persons of Italian ancestry to our system of law and justice.
  • To participate in the affairs of the law school and legal community to secure member benefits and to enhance opportunities promoting the successful development of legal careers.
  • To sponsor educational and cultural activities that exemplify the nobility of law as a profession, assist members in coping with the rigorous demands of a legal education, and inspire high ethical standards in the administration of justice.
  • To enrich the learning experience of members by encouraging the exchange of important ideas facing the legal community by welcoming distinguished guest speakers, hosting seminars, disseminating scholarly information, and sponsoring informational meetings.
  • To maintain an active role in Italian-American affairs by encouraging increased awareness to issues of importance to the Italian-American community and by networking with the National Italian-American Bar Association and other national and regional Italian-American organizations which provide support for mentor programs, job placement, scholarships, and valuable career developing opportunities.