Tax Law Club


A. Membership

  1. All University of New Mexico School of Law (UNMSOL) students and UNMSOL alumni who have paid club dues shall be considered active members for that academic year.
  2. Active membership entitles the member the right to run for office, the right to vote, and the right to represent the organization.

B. Dues

Annual dues shall be paid by the end of the second meeting of the academic year, and shall last only for that academic school year.

C. Executive Board

Board shall have power to create staff positions and committees. Staff and Chairpersons shall be appointed by the COO. Dues are determined by the current officers.

D. Responsibilities of Officers

  1. COO: General authority over the business and activities of the organization, chair all meetings, serve as TLC representative, performing such functions as board shall assign, appoint chairpersons, swing vote in tie elections.
  2. CEO: General authority over the business and activities of the organization, performing such functions as board or COO shall assign.
  3. SOT: Maintain and distribute minutes and agenda for all meetings, distribute a copy of Constitution and By-Laws to each member, coordinate internal and external communication of information, performing such functions as board or COO shall assign. Interprets constitution and bylaws when questions or issues arise.
  4. CFO: Handle funds and ensure correctly deposited, assure that entries are made in financial records accounting for all funds, make regular financial reports to the board, cosign with COO, CEO or SOT all financial documents as deemed necessary, submit organization budget for the academic year, perform such functions as board or COO shall assign.

E. Responsibilities of Advisor(s)

Provide feedback and evaluate the club’s activities and goals.

F. Elections

  1. Officers shall be nominated in March and elected to office by April 15th for the term of the next academic school year. Officers are to be elected by all current members and officers, except the current COO. In the case of a tie, the current COO will place the deciding vote.
  2. All voting will be done anonymously.

G. Parliamentary Authority

Interpretation is the responsibility of SOT, who has final say in all matters regarding the interpretation of the constitution and bylaws.

H. Amendments

Notice is required by e-mail to current membership at least 48 hours prior to amendment meeting. Any active member can propose an amendment to either the Constitution or By-Laws of this club. In order for the amendment to be ratified, an affirmative vote of 3/4 of the quorum is required.

I. Resignation/Impeachment of an Officer

  1. Resignation may be offered by an officer at any time during the course of duties.
  2. Impeachment may only take place for good cause (such as absence from meetings, undermining club objectives, illegal activities or indifference to club projects) and must be agreed on by a vote of at least 80%. This vote by the quorum will take place anonymously; the meeting after proposal is made. Impeachment may be proposed only by or through a current officer.