Tax Law Club


Article I. Name

This organization will be known as the Tax Law Club (TLC).

Article II. Objective

The objective of TLC is to promote and encourage the study of taxation and to develop strong relationships and network opportunities with business leaders and tax law professionals.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Members. All University of New Mexico School of Law (UNMSOL) students and UNMSOL alumni who have paid club dues in any year shall be considered active members for that year.

Section 2. Rights. Active membership entitles the member the right to run for office, the right to vote, and the right to represent the organization.

Section 3. Dues. Annual dues shall be paid by the end of the second meeting of the academic year, and shall last only for that academic school year.

Article IV. Officers

Section 1: Elections. Officers shall be nominated in March and elected to office by April 15th for the term of the next academic school year. Officers are to be elected by all current members and officers, except the current COO. In the case of a tie, the current COO will place the deciding vote. In the event that any elected officer resigns or is unable to complete that officer's elected term, a successor to the office shall be appointed by agreement of the four officers after a round-table discussion or elected by a majority of the four officers in the event of disagreement. In the case of a tie, a coin toss will determine the successor officer.

Section 2: Titles.

COO: Chief Operations Officer
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
CFO: Chief Financial Officer
SOT: Secretary of Taxation

Section 3: Terms. Officers are appointed for the first term, but shall be elected for every term thereafter. The term consists of the academic school year.

Article V. Provisions for Meetings

The Club will conduct at least six meetings per school year, to be announced at least twenty-four hours prior, via e-mail.

Article VI. Legislation

All legislation of the Club will be initiated by the Officers and adopted by a simple majority vote of the quorum.

Article VII. Quorum

A quorum consists of a majority of active members.

Article VIII. Amendments

Any active member can propose an amendment to either the Constitution or By-Laws of this club. In order for the amendment to be ratified, an affirmative vote of at least 3/4 of the quorum is required.

Article IX. Advisors

Upon vacancy, officers will seek out replacement faculty advisor. Except when actively seeking a faculty advisor, the club must have a faculty advisor at all times.