Babies in Law School (BILS)

Student and BabyBILS is a support group for law students who have a baby (or young children) while in law school (for both moms and dads). Students will be able to share information about housing, child care, schools, and breastfeeding. Furthermore, students are encouraged to share their experiences with balancing school, career and family. 

This group strives to connect throughout the year so that student-parents and their families can form support networks and friendships.

UNM students are eligible for service through UNM Childcare.  The waiting list can be long so if you are interested, investigate this option as early as possible. There is also a drop in/evening care option.

Student and BabyBreastfeeding or pumping milk?
Students are provided a quiet, private room to use for breastfeeding or pumping.  For access to its current location, please see Bonnie Stepleton. 

Got stuff?
If you have outgrown clothes, strollers, toys etc. and would like to sell/donate contact Bonnie Stepleton.

Babysitting co-op/exchange
Informal network for last minute, emergency or unplanned babysitting needs.  Babysit for a fellow student one day and enjoy an exchange of the favor another! Do you have a fabulous babysitter you would recommend?  List your name here so that a fellow student can connect with you to obtain the contact information. Email

Student and BabySchool info
Love your kid’s school?  Share information about public and private school options, experiences and tips here.

Questions about this group can be answered by Assistant Dean for Student Services Bonnie Stepleton 277-0886  Watch the law school calendar for announcement of BILS events.