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Volume 17: 2016-2017

Faculty Advisor/Editor-In-Chief

Professor Christine Zuni-Cruz

Student Editor-In-Chief/Managing Editor

Spring 2018 Co-Editor-in-Chief: Austin Megli

Fall 2017 Co-Editor-in-Chief: Jannette Mondragon

Editorial Board

Co-Editor-in-Chief Lauren Dixon

Managing Editor Margaret Kennedy

Citations Editor: Garrett Adcock

Submissions Editor: Sean Distor

Submissions Editor: Liisa Rettedal

Tribal Court Handbook Editor: Anne Rothrock

Symposium Co-Editor: Brittany Edwards

Symposium Co-Editor: Carl Neill

Online Editor : Anne Bruno


Ernestine Chaco
Savanna Duran
Kaythee Hlaing
Lyman Paul
Verenice Peregrino-Pompa
Roshanna Toya


The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma: History, Influences, and Contemporary Setting of the Choctaw Legal Structure

Austin C. Megli

The goal of this tribal profile is to provide an overview of the internal laws of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma; to give a detailed emphasis on the tribe’s historic use of customary law, governance structures, enacted law, case law; and to examine how their internal law changed throughout history. By helping the reader become familiar with the history of Choctaw customary law and the contemporary structure of the Choctaw government, this profile will assist practitioners and academics in understanding the Choctaw Nation. Part I of this paper will describe the customary laws of the Choctaw Nation. Part II of this paper will describe the governance structures of the Choctaw Nation. Part III will describe enacted law in the Choctaw Nation. Part IV of this paper will describe case law in the Choctaw Nation.

If Trees Could Lobby They Would Be People Too: The Environmental and Cultural Benefits of Granting Legal Personality to Nature

M. Alexis Volner