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Christine Zuni Cruz (Isleta/San Juan Pueblo)

Preview Issue Coordinator

Bidtah Becker (Navajo)

Editorial Working Group

Lynn Trujillo (Sandia/Taos/Acoma) and Jason Hauter (Maricopa)

Web Working Group

Randy Ash (Dine'), Angela Martinez, Cyndi Dean, CATS Director, Faye Hadley, Research Librarian, Bidtah Becker

Indian Country Liaison Group

Katie O'Connor, Eddie Garcia (Tohono O'odham)


Danielle Her Many Horses (Oglala Lakota), Lisa Lang (Haida), Mark Welliver (Citizen Band Potawatomi)

Law School Support Staff

Barbara Jacques


Profile of the Law of the Navajo Nation - Bidtah Becker

Navajo Nation Profile by Bidtah Becker, gives an overview of the Navajo Nation governmental structure.