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Volume 3: 2002-2003


Christine Zuni-Cruz (Isleta/San Juan Pueblo)

Managing Editor

Ahnawake Carroll (Cherokee)

Editorial Working Group

Amy Propps, Renee Torres (Isleta Pueblo)

Web Editor

Charmaine McDarment (Yokuts)


Georgene Louis (Acoma Pueblo), Oriel Lucero (Isleta Pueblo/Navajo), Sarita Nair, Clovis Shea, Rachel Smith (Mayan), Delilah Tenorio (Santo Domingo Pueblo)


Cherokee Nation Election of 1995

The Cherokee Nation Election of 1995 by Ahnawake Carroll discusses a test of the constitutional distribution of powers within the Cherokee government in the context of the 1995 tribal election. This article explores through the mechanism of five selected rulings the role of the tribal judiciary in adjudicating various controversies arising out of the election resulting in the judiciary placing "a check on the legislative and executive powers of the Cherokee government" based upon interpretations of the Cherokee Constitution, as well as codified Cherokee law.

Cherokee Nation Tribal Profile

Cherokee Nation Tribal Profile by Ahnawake Carroll provides readers with an overview of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Government. This profile includes information regarding both the historical and contemporary uses of the tribe's traditional law, law of governance, enacted law, and case law.