Volume 6:2005-2006


Christine Zuni-Cruz (Pueblos of Isleta & San Juan)
Chief Justice Emeritus Robert Yazzie (Navajo Nation)

Managing Editor

Justin Solimon (Pueblo of Laguna)

Tribal Court Handbook Editor

Derrick Lente (Pueblos of Isleta & Sandia)

Web Editor

Joel Rosette (Chippewa Cree)
Special Thanks to Edward Kelley for his assistance


Koury Hicks, David Adams (Sault St. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians), Douglas Carver, Casey Douma (Pueblo of Laguna/Hopi-Tewa), Edward Kelley, Philip A. Morin, Rae Ann Red Owl (Oglala Lakota), Tina Tsinigine (Navajo Nation)

Law School Support Staff

Barbara Jacques

Tribal Law Journal Volume 6: New Mexico Tribal Court Handbook

Volume 6 of the Tribal Law Journal features an updated version of the New Mexico Tribal Courts Handbook. The Handbook provides comprehensive information on New Mexico's tribal court systems, including:

  • Tribal Government and General Tribal Administrative Information
  • Tribal Bar Practice Information
  • Tribal Court Rules and Procedures
  • Tribal Court Jurisdiction Information
  • Tribal Code and Constitution Information