Policy Statement

Adopted November 5, 2013

The faculty and administration at the University of New Mexico School of Law are committed to excellence and diversity in the student body. We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in the student body help to ensure a dynamic, productive, and positive learning experience.

The admissions committee is instructed to consider a wide range of factors in evaluating applicants for admission, including but not limited to the following: demonstrated intellectual capacity; academic achievement in undergraduate and/or graduate studies; employment history; life experiences (including those related to race, ethnicity and/or national origin); tribal affiliation; academic and personal motivation; commitment to public service; leadership potential; the extent to which the applicant has overcome educational and/or socio-economic disadvantages; other indicators of the applicant's potential success in legal studies and potential to make a significant contribution to the law school community and legal profession.

Applicants are evaluated for their potential for academic success in law school and their potential to contribute to an enriching educational environment at the law school. In deciding which students from among a very talented and qualified pool will be admitted, we consider the applicant's undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) and score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The University of New Mexico does not rely solely on any combination of UGPA and LSAT scores. While high UGPA and/or LSAT scores are positive factors and low UGPA and/or LSAT scores are negative factors, UGPA and LSAT scores at one extreme or the other do not automatically grant or preclude admission.

Applicants must complete all application requirements as outlined on the Admissions Office webpage in order to be considered for admission. Applicants are advised to give considerable attention to each of the required documents to ensure that the completed application fully and accurately reflects their individual background, qualifications, and goals.

The UNM School of Law is a public law school and the only law school in New Mexico. While we welcome non-resident applications, we give a preference to applicants who are New Mexico residents. Among resident applicants, we take into account geographic diversity within the state.

Each year the School of Law receives many applications from a highly qualified and diverse pool of applicants who, if admitted, would succeed in law school. Due to the small size of our program, we regrettably are unable to offer admission to many qualified applicants.

Requests for Deferment – The law school does not have a guaranteed deferment policy. Deferments are made on a case-by-case basis. An individual must submit a letter to the Assistant Dean for Admissions requesting a deferment and should include an explanation for the request. Due to the small class sizes and large applicant volume, deferments are granted only in exceptional cases.

The School of Law adheres to the equal opportunity policies of the University of New Mexico and makes appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities.

This policy shall be subject to review by the faculty every five years or at an earlier date as requested by the dean.