Scholarship Award Outline and Policies

All University of New Mexico School of Law scholarship and merit award recipients must adhere to the policies set forth below.

  • Award recipients must remain in good academic standing. Failure to remain in good academic standing will result in this award being withdrawn. Reinstatement of this award is dependent upon your academic standing and approval of the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid.
  • Should you request and be approved for a deferral of your official enrollment at the School of Law, this award will be cancelled. Applicants who defer their admission will be reconsidered for awards prior to the start of their chosen semester of matriculation.
  • Violation of the University of New Mexico School of Law Code of Conduct as outlined in the UNM School of Law Bulletin and Handbook of Policies may result in the cancellation of this award.
  • Merit based scholarship aid is applied only to grade-bearing coursework taken at the School of Law and cannot be applied to fees, including but not limited to graduate and professional school association fees, curricular fees, and student bar association dues.
  • All scholarship offers are subject to revision due to changes in policy, law, regulation, errors, enrollment, residency, funding or eligibility.
  • All students receiving financial aid must maintain current contact information (address, phone, e-mail, etc.) on file with the University of New Mexico. This information is updated via MyUNM.
  • University policy requires eligible students receiving any type of institutional financial assistance to be in compliance with federal financial aid regulations.