Professor Justin Goodman

Justin Goodman

Visiting Professor of Law
B.A., University of New Mexico
J.D., University of New Mexico School of Law
Member, New Mexico Bar

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 Ph.: 505-277-0620 
 Office: 2524


Justin Goodman is a visiting law professor and teaches civil law courses including Property, Business Associations, and Insurance law. He also teaches specialized seminars focused on preparing and writing for the Multistate Essay Exam and Multistate Performance Test of the Uniform Bar Examination. He is the faculty sponsor for the New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association Student Chapter. His research interests include Bar Exam studies and civil litigation trends and procedural changes.

Prior to teaching, Professor Goodman was in private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His background includes a diverse civil litigation practice including insurance defense, property disputes, fraud investigation, general tort litigation, construction defect, employment, and domestic relations. He is admitted to practice in the state and federal courts of New Mexico.

Property I

This first year course is an introduction to the basic concepts of property law, focusing on the role of possession in allocating the various rights and responsibilities connected with personal and real property. The course covers acquisition of initial property rights, adverse possession, donative transfers, the evolution and nomenclature of interests in estates in land and future interest, concurrent property rights, and takings.

Business Associations I

This course will explore the various types of business relationships and organizations. Brief coverage is given to factors bearing on choice of organization, including partnership attributes, process of corporate formation, corporate privileges and powers, corporate capital structure, and limited liability. This part of the course will include an introduction to agency law, and the management and transfer of ownership interests in partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.

Insurance Law

This exciting course begins with a look at the regulatory arena for insurance companies. An overview of the general principles of insurance contracts are explored. Then each major type of insurance (e.g. health, auto, property, malpractice and liability) and the specific laws related to each type will be discussed. The course also covers the obligations of insurers and insureds with respect to each other and with respect to third parties, as well as the remedies available for failure to meet those obligations.

Writing for the New Mexico Bar Exam

As a former grader for the New Mexico Bar Exam, this is a four-part seminar course was developed as part of a joint initiative established by the Law School to raise bar exam scores after New Mexico’s adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam. The seminar gives students an in-depth knowledge and mastery writing skills for the Multistate Essay Examination and Multistate Performance Test. It also provides the mechanics for students to review and grade their own work as they continue studying for the Exam.

Contracts II

This course follows from and complements the required first-year Contracts course, by both introducing new topics and exploring in greater depth and complexity some topics that were briefly addressed in Contracts I. Topics to be covered include justifications for denying or limiting enforcement of contracts (such as unconscionability), identification and interpretation of contract terms, policing of contract performance, remedies for breach of contract, and the rights of nonparties to a contract. This course provides essential background for more specialized courses including commercial transactions (such as sales of goods), international business transactions, employment law, family law, and others.


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