Madrid Summer Law Institute Emergencies

If an emergency arises and a law student enrolled in the Institute must be located, the Director of the Madrid Summer Law Institute is the appropriate person to initially contact for assistance.

To reach the Director during the program, call the Office of the Summer Law Institute in Madrid (from the US 011-34-91-488-79-69). The Institute office in Madrid is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Madrid time. In addition, at orientation the Director will provide all students with an emergency US contact number and a Madrid cell phone number where he can be reached.  Students should make this number available to family members.

If you are unable to contact someone directly in Madrid, you may also contact the Institute at the UNM School of Law (505-277-9035 or and explain the emergency. They can assist you in contacting the appropriate people in Madrid.

To reach the US embassy in Madrid, call 011-34-91-587-22-40 during Madrid business hours or, after hours, call 011-34-91-587-22-00.