SBA Community Fund for Organizational Funding

Student Bar Association

  • Introduction
    • The Dean provides the Student Bar Association (SBA) an annual grant to support student organizations, which the SBA combines with its other student organization funding. The SBA created the policy for the SBA Community Fund.
    • The Community Fund functions as a source of “start-up capital” provide a sustainable means of support for the organization’s activities. Priority will be given to proposals that incorporate fundraising or resource development, including but not limited to other sponsorships, ticket sales, or the organization’s investment of its own existing funds.
  • Application Process
    • There is no limit to the amount each student organization can receive from the Community Fund. However, because the pool of funding is limited and there are often more requests than funding, the SBA will prioritize student organization requests that satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
      • Promoting development of the law school community.
      • Promoting the relationship between law students and attorneys, judges, faculty and staff.
      • Creating awareness of career opportunities or fields of study.
      • Developing intra-campus and inter-organizational relationships (a student organization’s non-exclusive functions that includes students from, for example, the main campus or the medical school).
    • The SBA will not accept requests for funding that will be used for:
      • Alcohol.
      • An organization’s meals at regular meetings.
      • Executive board expenses.
      • A donation to an outside organization (which is forbidden under UNM policy)
    • To apply to the Community Fund please submit the following:
      • A brief proposal of amount requested and purpose for funding, including how it will promote the grant’s mission.
      • A line-item budget for the activity or event if the organization or organizations are requesting more than $250.
      • Community Fund Reimbursement/Payment Request Form